Minds are like parachutes, they operate only when open.

Thomas Dewer

I operate in my own private practice in the town of Bedford.

Bedford is accessible from Luton, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and other nearby towns.




I've really valued Peggy's
non-judgemental, gentle approach....  Peggy has ..... worked with me in a partnership.  I've really
valued it.

From an exhausted and overstretched nurse and medical practitioner


My therapist has done an amazing job and I am so happy with the support and therapy I have received.

From a traumatised soldier


Without your help we wouldn't be able to support
all the people who use our services.

From Mind BLMK  where Peggy volunteers


Work such as yours is invaluable.

From a client caring for his wife with Parkinson's Disease


Thanks so much for all the help and support you've given me.  You've made such a difference

From  a client with complicated medical conditions


Thank you so much for all your help through this difficult time for me

A client who suffered from multiple back injuries and trauma from an accident at work


Thank you for your support during the difficult time in my life regarding work.  I now have the tools to use to help myself not just at work also in my home life if needed.

From a shop steward