The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

Winston Churchill

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I am a fully qualified psychotherapist, counsellor and coach, trained in the human givens which is a solution focused approach, incorporating CBT and other therapeutic techniques.  I work within the Human Givens Institute's Ethical Framework.  My diploma is an accredited and exam based course, is constructed from evidence and research based on findings into neurophysiology and human psychology and behaviour ....  the human givens.

Human givens therapy is widely adopted by many doctors and health professionals as one of the most effective forms of therapy for depression, anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional and physical difficulties.

This approach is widely adopted by many doctors and health professionals as one of the most effective forms of therapy for depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and many other emotional and physical difficulties.  You may have one area of your life with which you need help, or your difficulties may have multiple causes   Using the human givens framework helps clarify the situation and allows me to use whichever combination of a wealth of proven, psychotherapeutic skills is appropriate. It can empower you to regain control, get your needs met in healthy ways, develop your resources and move you on in your life as quickly as possible.  This approach is truly holistic, scientific and practical.




I've really valued Peggy's
non-judgemental, gentle approach....  Peggy has ..... worked with me in a partnership.  I've really
valued it.

From an exhausted and overstretched nurse and medical practitioner


My therapist has done an amazing job and I am so happy with the support and therapy I have received.

From a traumatised soldier


Without your help we wouldn't be able to support
all the people who use our services.

From Mind BLMK  where Peggy volunteers


Work such as yours is invaluable.

From a client caring for his wife with Parkinson's Disease


Thanks so much for all the help and support you've given me.  You've made such a difference

From  a client with complicated medical conditions


Thank you so much for all your help through this difficult time for me

A client who suffered from multiple back injuries and trauma from an accident at work


Thank you for your support during the difficult time in my life regarding work.  I now have the tools to use to help myself not just at work also in my home life if needed.

From a shop steward

Welcome to my website. Please spend some time reading this information, click onto the leaves of my 'Tree' to find out more about how I can help you.  So whatever your difficulty is, I will use your natural resources, identify what's going on and get you feeling better straight away.  Together, confidentially, we will set up a personal, practical programme to suit your needs. I am a psychotherapist and coach, fully qualified in the Human Givens approach.  It's a non-judgemental approach, helping you to move on as quickly as possible to your preferred life.

Whatever the cause you don't have to suffer.